NON-PROFIT 501(C) (3) & Public Benefit CHARTER

  1. Empowering the underprivileged by providing second-hand or first-tier machinery which support income generation through cottage industry development; funded through donations, contributions, grants, including but not limited to subventions. Under “Project empower women to save the children” and “Guaranteed Income for the Underprivileged and Persons with Disability” programs.
  2. Accessible infrastructural development, construction, power generation, reconstruction, modification, renovation of Real Estate property and facilities for the handicapped with a view to providing structural accessibility to persons with disabilities. Sponsor and/or facilitate skill acquisition programs to provide persons with disabilities with opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship.
  3. The pervasive lack of access to primary health care, exacerbated by downturns in medical tourism eliminates any sustainable options for medical treatment. Build social impact innovative health ventures employing:
    • Digital technologies: Mobile health initiatives and Telemedicine
    • Community medical centers, flagship hospitals, outpatient clinics.
    • Regional Medical Tourism Networks.
    • Local Pharmacies and Supplies cottage Industry production system .
    • Public-private-International Partnerships and Institutions for health
    • Support existing capitalized global financial health carters.
  4. Execute on E-7 Vision: Guaranteed income accessibility for disability; Engage, Enlighten, Elevate, Equip, Educate, Employ, and Empower. Create opportunity for persons with disabilities and underprivileged to make a dignified living and engage those abandoned due to lack of resources for upkeep.
  5. Build global partnerships to execute on mission, ensuring free enterprise and independence through our guaranteed income program. Fund and Invest in innovative technologies that alleviate life sustainability challenges for the underprivileged and persons with disability.
  6. Support Global Medical Volunteer Abroad Programs: Medical volunteering is bringing first-rate healthcare globally and supporting a curated-paid format will greatly enhance global care.
  7. Support grassroots efforts for social justice, protecting the environment, and supporting sustainable food systems through innovative supply chain structures for farmers and producers.
  8. Facilitate access to digital libraries, Internet, computer and specialized disability equipment. “Internet Literacy Programs”.
  9. Feeding programs for schools, hospital, and orphanages. “Direct and Government Engagement programs”