Social Impact Investment: "The Plague of Good Intentions"

The concepts addressed in “The Plague of Good Intentions” are recipes for Social Impact investment, augmentation of communal income , laying the groundwork for investor lucrativeness.

The concepts addressed in “The Plague of Good Intentions” are recipes for Social Impact investment, the augmentation of communal income and laying the groundwork for investor lucrativeness. These concepts can be applied globally for uplifting the lives of the underprivileged and persons with disability.

The Plague of Good Intentions is a unique, engaging and controversial book concerning aid to Africa: unique because Epley (as a highly successful turnaround CEO) is the only writer on the subject who has actually achieved results from complex organizations; engaging because he's made completely new-yet proven-thought processes extremely readable; controversial because he rigorously critiques and exposes the damage caused by virtually all current aid programs. But-not stopping there-he subsequently develops thoughtful, groundbreaking, and sensibly radical solutions.

Author Tom Epley is a myth-busting thinker and planner with a lifetime career of getting results from dysfunctional organizations as a highly successful turnaround CEO. [Tom Epley has done more hands-on turnarounds than just about anyone.”—David Bonderman, General Partner TPG]

THE TRUTH WE ALL KNOW – Despite the billions of dollars in funds for aid and development that have been poured into Africa, it remains a crucible of failed attempts at improving the dismal economy, life expectancy, food supply, and spread of AIDS and other diseases: in fact continuing decline persists on most of these issues.

THE LIE WE ALL BELIEVE – Pouring more money into Africa and sending more well-intentioned world aid and NGO advisors, with new programs or technology or other schemes, will be helpful. THE TRUTH WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND – The “fixes” promulgated by the outside world have not only been wasteful but have significantly contributed to the five-decades-long decline of Africa. Radically different approaches are critically necessary.

Hundreds of economists, journalists, philanthropists, academicians and bureaucrats continuously present their points of view, but Epley is the first to apply a lifetime of actually getting results from large complex organizations to Africa’s problems. In The Plague of Good Intentions, he offers common-sense, workable, and proven albeit controversial [Epley’s iconoclasm stands out…medicine of clear but tough thinking…help address the pathologies that ail this tragic continent –Geoffrey Garrett, President Pacific Council on International Policy] prescriptive remedies to create substantive and lasting change for the people of Africa.

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